• The Wildlife Aid Foundation & Hedgehogs

    We were recently advised a client of ours, that one of their colleagues, Kate Woods, works tirelessly to raise money for the Wildlife Aid Foundation and is actually one of their ambassadors with a commitment to raise £10,000 per annum for the charity.  She has been extremely successful in her efforts and to date has raised in excess of £100,000 which is quite extraordinary. The Foundation is currently seeking to raise money to save hedgehogs from extinction.  We couldn’t believe the most quintessential British mammal faces extinction – but their numbers have dropped from 30 million in the 1950’s to less than a million today.  The Foundation hopes that by over wintering 100 hedgehogs in safety this year this could lead to an additional 35,000 hedgehogs by 2030. 

    We have made a small donation to support this cause and anyone else wanting to help save the British hedgehog can do the same by following this link;

    Just Giving   

  • Trussell Trust

    We had a collection last week of food in support of the Trussell Trust – a charity that runs food banks for people who are locked into poverty – be it homeless people or people trapped into the cycle of tax credits and low income.

    They provided 1.6 million 3-day food parcels last year and their mission is to ensure no one should go hungry, especially at Christmas. Helen took the parcel to their Belle Isle collection point and they were delighted and grateful for the food donated.




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